Empowering Young People To Unleash Their Potential

The issue: Too many young people experience a disconnection from their communities, a lack of personal agency, and a narrowing of life choices at one of the most critical times in their lives.

The solution: Strengths-based youth development that empowers young people to make positive change in their lives and their world.

The Hive is a collection of organizations, individual practitioners, and youth who believe that every young person should have access to adults who love them unconditionally and empower them to be the experts in their own lives.

We forge unique partnerships to shift the negative cultural narrative around young people by:

  • Catalyzing collaboration, self-reflection, and learning among strengths-based youth development organizations.
  • Welcoming young people to our downtown Philadelphia gathering space—The Hive—to explore their voice, collaborate with each other and partner groups, and develop the skills to create the world they want to live in.
  • Investing in companies, nonprofits, media projects, and public information campaigns to shift the cultural dialogue around and with young people.
“When young people feel seen and heard, really truly for who they are, they thrive.”

— Joanna Berwind, Founder

What does The Hive approach look like in practice?


In Camden, New Jersey, young people often face a future much like their past—with low employment and education opportunities. The Hive partners with Hopeworks, a 10-year-old nonprofit, in breaking that cycle through a combination of positive healing and practical training in technology skills that lead to jobs in the community.

Impact Investing

Recent research shows increased incidences of adolescents experiencing anxiety and depression. That’s why The Hive invested in tech startup NeuroFlow, whose suite of digital tools enables remote monitoring and behavioral health integration, with validated techniques like Cognitive Behavior Therapy, mindfulness, and more to help young people manage and track their mental wellness.

Program Development

It is too common to dismiss the contribution of adolescents in our world because of negative stereotypes. At The Hive, we are developing The Fellowship, a two-year leadership program with civically-minded and engaged youth. We will provide training, financial support, and hands-on experience as they creatively and strategically address social problems that affect their communities and our world.