Committed to a more humane future for animals

The issue: Animals suffer needlessly in pet-breeding facilities and other operations that put profit over welfare.

The solution: The expansion of humane pet adoptions and sales from ethical breeders, and the adoption of animal welfare policies that reduce animal cruelty.

Life of Riley envisions a world where all dogs are bred under humane conditions and acquired through pet-friendly means. We bring together stakeholders with diverse perspectives and expertise to create lasting solutions for complex animal welfare problems that involve:

  • Educating and empowering consumers to make humane choices.
  • Encouraging strong animal welfare policies at the local and national levels.
  • Helping humane dog breeders and other humane businesses succeed in the marketplace.
“Our dog, Riley, came from an inhumane breeder so we know first-hand the horrific conditions these dogs face. This inspires us to fight for the rights and welfare of animals.”

— James Berwind, Founder

What does the Life of Riley approach look like in practice?


Poor regulation of dog breeding and lack of public education have enabled inhumane breeding practices. In addition to supporting the efforts of local and national animal protection groups to pass stronger animal welfare laws, Life of Riley supports groups in Florida and Pennsylvania to reduce the demand for dogs from inhumane breeding facilities.

Impact Investing

Once prospective pet owners learn about problems in the breeding industry, they often struggle to find more humane alternatives. Life of Riley provided a seed grant for the development of an online tool that crowd sources and publishes reviews of breeders, shelters, and rescues across the country.

Program Development

Ending inhumane breeding requires a big-tent approach, with collaboration amongst multiple actors. Life of Riley hosts convenings throughout Pennsylvania that bring together diverse stakeholders to find workable solutions to animal welfare problems associated with dog breeding.

To learn more about Life of Riley’s initiatives, visit our website.