Revitalizing the Nation's Water Systems

The issue: The combined challenges of aging water infrastructure and climate change are making it hard to meet communities’ water needs. From delivering safe drinking water, to treating wastewater and controlling stormwater, the nation’s water systems are increasingly stressed, putting human and environmental health at risk.

The solution: Empowered and informed water sector leaders who advance innovative water solutions for America’s cities and towns.

Delta advances solutions to some of the most pressing water challenges in the United States through support of innovative thinking, informed leadership, and creative, pragmatic problem solving. We work in partnership with thought leaders and industry experts to:

  • Advocate for the safe removal of lead service lines to reduce drinking water pollution and protect public health.
  • Advance the implementation of green infrastructure solutions such as rain gardens to capture and filter stormwater.
  • Strengthen municipal water systems by promoting innovative leadership and resilient utility management practices.

What does the Delta approach look like in practice?


The public water sector requires new leadership skills to face fundamentally different needs than 25 years ago, such as finding new funding sources for infrastructure upgrades to help communities manage climate uncertainty and address pollution. We support training and leadership programs so existing and emerging leaders in the water sector can respond in ways that most benefit community members.

Impact Investing

The relatively new approach of installing green stormwater infrastructure can be difficult for communities to finance. Through Delta, we promote innovative “pay-for-performance” approaches and invest in socially-oriented companies that help cities reduce financial risk and design stormwater projects benefiting disadvantaged communities.

Program Development

We don’t have all the answers to the water challenges of today—or tomorrow. That’s why we support innovators working in the non-profit, for-profit and academic sectors who develop innovative water management solutions. In addition to long-term grant and investment support, we convene these innovators so they can learn from each other, and provide them with coaching and institutional support.