Pursuing bold, realistic change.

Spring Point Partners is a social impact venture that invites deep collaboration on exciting approaches to change.

Drawing on decades of successful business experience, we prioritize support for the people accelerating ideas that work in four issue areas: Strengths-based youth development through The Hive. Animal welfare through Life of Riley. Revitalizing our nation’s water systems through Delta. Learning innovations through ember.

We power practical, far-ranging solutions in these areas, using a combination of methods that are showing success:

  • Grantmaking to nonprofits with forward-thinking, innovative leaders who work to foster long-term systemic changes.
  • Impact investments in companies that prioritize meaningful impact in our areas of interest. With a focus on impact and a high tolerance for risk, Spring Point Partners is uniquely positioned to support innovative endeavors.
  • Program development, as well as outside technical assistance, tools, experts, and other resources to help our partners succeed.

Powered by passion. Ready to learn. Pursuing bold, realistic change.

“Personal experience shapes our passion for equity and opportunity. Deep trust in our partners drives our ability to create social change.”

— Graham, Jessica, James, and Joanna Berwind
Founders, Spring Point Partners

What does the Spring Point Partners approach look like in practice?

The problems we seek to solve are complex, and we know there are many paths to social change. That’s why we tailor our investments to both need and effectiveness.


Poor regulation of dog breeding and lack of public education on problems in the breeding industry have enabled inhumane breeding practices. In addition to supporting the efforts of local and national animal protection groups to pass stronger animal welfare laws, Life of Riley supports groups in Florida and Pennsylvania to reduce the demand for dogs from inhumane breeding facilities.

Impact Investing

The relatively new approach of installing green stormwater infrastructure can be difficult for communities to finance. Through Delta, we promote innovative “pay-for-performance” approaches and invest in socially-oriented companies that help cities reduce financial risk and design stormwater projects benefitting disadvantaged communities.

Program Development

It is too common to dismiss the contribution of adolescents in our world because of negative stereotypes. At The Hive, we are developing The Fellowship, a two-year leadership program with civically-minded and engaged youth. We will provide training, financial support, and hands-on experience as they creatively and strategically address social problems that affect their communities and our world.